Class Notes
This table contains the following columns: Author and Title.
Sally Purbrick Purbrick-IllekG'day from Down Under
Kathleen PeacockBirth Announcement
Kendra Bates SchaeferBirth Announcement
Margaret LangsenkampBirth announcement
Margaret LangsenkampBirth announcement

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Look Who's Coming To Class of 2003
 Name# of GuestsClass YearComments
1Meghan McNeil Aabo 200312003
2David Aabo
Guest Of Meghan Aabo
3Lara Dolin Basom12003
4Chris Basom
Guest Of Lara Basom
5Janice Belknap 200302003
6Emily Bonifaci12003
7Steve Thompson
Guest Of Emily Bonifaci
9Don Condry 200302003
10Andie Levine Cooke02003
11Erin Cox12003
12Amelia Rowland
Guest Of Erin Cox
13Lauren Crowder 200312003
14Katherine Thompson 200312003
15BJ Dobrkovsky02003
16Lauren Dutko 200302003
17Jenny (Andrews) DuVander 200322003We'll be at the Fri night thing (my bday!) and in Salem Saturday, too. See you there.
18Adam DuVander
Guest Of Jennifer DuVander
19Linda Andrews
Guest Of Jennifer DuVander
20Alex Fiksdal12003
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