Class Notes
This table contains the following columns: Author and Title.
Sally Purbrick Purbrick-IllekG'day from Down Under
Kathleen PeacockBirth Announcement
Kendra Bates SchaeferBirth Announcement
Margaret LangsenkampBirth announcement
Margaret LangsenkampBirth announcement

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Look Who's Coming To Class of 1988
 Name# of GuestsClass YearComments
1Russell Alspaugh 198901989Old Boys Rugby game
2alene arakawa11988
3amy stevenson
Guest Of alene arakawa
4Bruce Arnold 198801988
5Lynelle O'Lear Benit 198701987
6Janine Pringle Blatt11988
7John Blatt
Guest Of Janine Blatt
8David Bloom01989
9Kelli Cammack 198811988
10Adrian Eichhorn
Guest Of Kelli Cammack
11Joseph Centanni 198821988Has it REALLY BEEN 25 years?
12Robyn Centanni
Guest Of Joseph Centanni
13Sierra Centanni
Guest Of Joseph Centanni
14David Chiappetta01989Looking forward to catching up. Go Bearcats!
15Erika Cowan 198811988
16Michael Tedin
Guest Of Erika Cowan Tedin
17Marina Czapszys01988
18Leslie Dailey31988
19John Duarte
Guest Of Leslie Dailey
20Rochelle Duarte
Guest Of Leslie Dailey
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